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Printing with CSS. Typeset quality PDF. Web Standard Compliant.

Easily convert HTML to PDF. Supports HTML5, CSS3, Web Fonts and JavaScript. APIs for JavaScript, Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby and Perl. Free Personal License!

PDFreactor is the perfect printing component for web applications, incl. Database Publishing, Web-to-Print, PIM, DMS, MDM, WCMS, VDP etc. It is typically used for server-side conversion of HTML to PDF, ranging from dynamic data-driven documents (reports, invoices, forms, data sheets) for electronic distribution to complex and high-quality PDFs (catalogs, marketing collateral, technical documentation, journals) for print and electronic publishing.

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Key Features


Convert your HTML5 to PDF documents without additional pre-processing or clean-up. Supports all HTML5 elements.


Use cutting-edge CSS3 like calc, media queries, relative units like vh/vw. Transform, rotate, scale elements. Supports regions and running elements.


Transfer JavaScript driven layouts to PDF. Support for HTML5 Canvas, HighCharts, amCharts and other JavaScript libraries out of the box.


PDFreactor supports the creation of tagged PDF documents in line with accessibility guidelines, including Section 508.


PDFreactor easily allows to create PDF/A (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2u, 3a, 3b and 3u) compliant files for the long-term archiving of electronic documents.

Professional Printing

PDFreactor provides professional printing features like PDF/X, baseline grids and spot colors. Create documents with perfect typography.


Smart Pagination

Documents are automatically paginated. Page breaks do not slice through images or lines of text. Optionally control page breaks via CSS.

Automatic Font Fall-Back

Automatic fall-back to one or more specified fonts if a glyph can not be found in the font used in the document.


Support for multi-column layouts, automatic hyphenation, page numbers, headers and footers, footnotes, floats, positioning, margins, padding, tables.

Table of Contents

Intuitively generate an automatic table of contents, including page numbers, leaders and links to the chapters.

Generated Content

Use generated content to display cross references, page numbers, the title of the target chapter, numbered headings and more dynamically.


Automatically or manually adjust the DPI value for pixels to ensure elements with fixed width (such as images or tables) do not exceed the page.

Web Fonts

Enhance your documents with beautiful fonts without having to install any fonts on the server or the user’s system.


Integrate PDFreactor as library or OSGi bundle in your Java application, or easily deploy it into the environment of your choice using one of the web service APIs.


Enhance your documents with SVG, MathML, barcodes and QR codes. Embed multimedia objects such as videos and Flash or integrate existing PDFs like images.

Merging & Overlaying

Merge documents with existing PDFs by appending or overlaying them. Place multiple pages on one sheet and rearrange the order of pages.


Supports both RTL and LTR text, automatic Arabic shaping and a wide range of languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and others.

Printer Marks

Add printer marks incl. trim marks, bleed marks, registration marks, color bars. Allow the content to bleed off the trim area through PDF page boxes.

Hyperlinks & Bookmarks

Add hyperlinks from your source document, bookmarks for your headings, and PDF metadata such as author, title, subject and keywords.

Styled Interactive PDF Forms

Produce complex interactive forms from HTML documents. Interactive form elements can be fully styled via CSS.

CMYK Color Space

PDFreactor can produce PDF documents in the CMYK color space. All color keywords can be translated into both RGB and CMYK.

Digital Signature

Digitally sign your PDFs with a X.509 certificate and ensure that the document has not been tampered with after its creation.

Encryption & Restrictions

Encrypt and secure PDF documents created with PDFreactor with owner and user passwords. This also enables you to enforce various restrictions.

Viewer Preferences

Control your PDF viewer’s appearance by setting viewer preferences in the PDF. Hide parts of the viewer’s UI, adapt the page layout.

Sessions, Headers & Cookies

Set arbitrary HTTP headers for all connections established by PDFreactor, or set cookies. This enables you pass a session ID to PDFreactor.

HTTP Authentication

Convert documents that require a password for their HTTP connections. The Basic and Digest authentication schemes are supported.

Exceeding Contents Detection

Log a warning if an element exceeds a page or the border of page content. Information about those elements can be retrieved programmatically.

Raster Image Output

Create raster images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF) from your HTML documents. Generate thumbnails, previews and high-fidelity graphics from your documents. Optional add-on.


Natively supports 64bit on all operating systems incl. Windows Server, allowing you to allocate more memory for processing very large and complex documents.

Pimcore PIM ready

The PDFreactor Pimcore Edition offers the most efficient and flexible way to create ready-to-print documents like catalogues and price lists to Pimcore PIM users.

Our customers around the world

Thousands of users around the world use PDFreactor to streamline the process of print and electronic publishing. We maintain more than 2500 corporate customers in over 40 countries, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations, and we want to keep that figure growing!

Thank you so much again for your help! You guys are the best support department I have ever encountered. Heinzelmännchen solving my problems overnight.

Richard PerscheProject Manager, Hyperwave, Inc.

Thanks so much again for your help with PDFreactor. This project never would have gotten done without your expertise.

Robin Krolikowski Alternative Productions, Developer for IDG Enterprise, USA

This worked perfectly! Thanks for all the help. I’m LOVING PDFreactor! Best investment we’ ve made in a long time!

Jamie ReepVice President of Technology, Learning-Focused, Inc.

Easy maintenance and long-term applications are relevant factors for the Bundesbank. RealObjects offers comprehensive support and maintenance services and is also available at short notice for enquiries on procurement issues. This had a positive impact on our decision to choose PDFreactor.

Daniel StephanManaging Software Developer, init AG

Thanks for your help and support – our client purchased the PDFreactor software from you after I told them how good the RealObjects service was – so well done for that.

Owen LeesIT Director, Cooper Holt Ltd

I am impressed with your service as well as your technology. I will recommend your product to other developers.

Ryan Hunt

Easy maintenance and long-term applications are relevant factors for the Bundesbank. RealObjects offers comprehensive support and maintenance services and is also available at short notice for enquiries on procurement issues. This had a positive impact on our decision to choose PDFreactor.

Volker PostOnline Editor and Project Manager for Internet Presence, Deutsche Bundesbank

The JavaScript engine in PDFreactor is absolutely the best we have seen, based on our market research. Many of the other high-end PDF engines in the market did not support jQuery, AngularJS and chart libraries which PDFreactor fully does. HTML5 made it possible for us to make magazines with special “out of the box” layouts, requested by our clients.

Brian MathorneCTO at Mindworking A/S

PDFreactor benefited our development team through its ease of use and powerful functionality. Practically anything we could conceive and create in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and JavaScript would render flawlessly in PDF. Also the quality and speed of support from the team at RealObjects is very impressive

Lyndon FitzgeraldProject Leader, Thomas International