PDFreactor 9 Beta

Version 9.0.9041 Beta1

Beta information

This is a beta release of PDFreactor. This release can be used to preview new features, fixes and changes. Use at your own risk. Do not use in production.

Features and Changes

The new features and improvements include:

  • Experimental support for CSS Flexible Box Layout (flexbox). (#5654)
  • Layout of inline-blocks, complex positioned elements and anonymous tables is now significantly more standard compliant and browser like. (#6343, #6381, #6382, #6411, #6511, #6590, #6603, #6614)
  • Introduced -ro-object-slice to allow page breaks inside images. (#6395)
  • Raster image output can now be set to grayscale mode. (#6525)
  • Improved JavaScript ES6 support, including arrow function, for..of loops and forEach methods on node lists.
  • Improved JavaScript DOM element functions, especially of table-related HTML elements.
  • Added PDF bookmark styles -ro-bookmark-label and -ro-bookmark-state, as well as -ro-bookmark-level which deprecates -ro-pdf-bookmark-level.
  • The web service can now post status updates about the conversion to a callback URL.
  • Margins, paddings, borders, positions and floats can now be set via logical properties that depend on the BiDi direction.

The changes include:

  • Updated various HTML5 default styles.
  • Updated various default values, including body margin and rounding-mode (see migration guide). (#6041)
  • box-decoration-break now defaults to slice (see migration guide).
  • Moved PDFreactor PHP API into its own namespace. (#6577)
  • Version checks are now performed between the web service and the clients to ensure compatibility.

The bug fixes include:

  • Empty table rows in collapsed tables no longer cause exceptions. (#6608)
  • Merging PDF documents will no longer result in incorrect meta data. (#6508)