PDFreactor 9 Beta

Version 9.0.9281 Beta2

Beta information

This is a beta release of PDFreactor. This release can be used to preview new features, fixes and changes. Use at your own risk. Do not use in production.

Features and Changes

The new features and improvements include:

  • Support for “box-shadow”, “text-shadow” and “filter”. (#4901, #5882, #5983)
  • Support for “opacity”, without rasterizing the affected content. (#5880)
  • Raster Image Output can now be configured to output grayscale images. (#6525)
  • The layout content, incl. generated content, of elements and page margin boxes can now be retrieved in JavaScript. (#6772)
  • Support for “word-spacing”. (#6716)
  • Images can now optionally be broken at page breaks. (#6395)
  • By default the first page of a document is now “recto”, i.e. “right” for left-to-right documents. Added support for “recto” and “verso”. (#6668)
  • Support for fragment identifiers, e.g. “fonts/myfontcollection.ttc#1”, in “font-face” “src” URLs to specify which font of a TCC to use. (#6676)
  • Support for the “blank” page pseudo class. (#6175)
  • Added the length units “-ro-pw”, “-ro-ph”, “-ro-bw” and “-ro-bh” that are relative to the margin and bleed size of the first page respectively, while “vw” and “vh” are relative to the page content size. (#6422)
  • JavaScript can now pass data into the result object of the API. (#6543)
  • Java API setters are now chainable.
  • Support for “systemd” in Linux installer. (#6672)
  • The “result” object now optionally contains structured information about missing resources or the connections opened by the conversion. (#6714)
  • The web service now supports zipped asset packages containing an input document and its resources. (#6645)
  • The web service now supports callback URLs for events during asynchronous conversions. (#6582)
  • The web service now supports configurable API keys to authenticate clients. (#6703)

The changes include:

  • The package for the “ExceedingContents” class was changed from “com.realobjects.pdfreactor.exceedingcontents” to “com.realobjects.pdfreactor.contentobserver”.
  • Constructors of inner “Configuration” classes (like “Resource”) that take multiple arguments have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version, as their setters are now chainable. The single exception is the “KeyValuePair” class whose multi-argument constructor is not deprecated.
  • For more information, please refer to the migration guide.

The bug fixes include:

  • Fonts from TTCs can now be use in “font-face” rules. (#6653)
  • Save memory mode no longer causes certain images to not be embedded. (#6389)
  • Percentage sizes for page margin boxes are now resolved according to the specification. (#6622)
  • SVGs with uncommon SVG “version” attribute values can now be parsed. (#6609)
  • “style” elements in external SVGs are now processed as CSS when no type is specified. (#6149, #6156, #6442)
  • Inline styles modified via JavaScript are now written to the style attribute with a trailing semicolon. (#6777)
  • Setting the “width” or “height” attribute of cloned “canvas” elements now properly triggers the changes to the canvas. (#6699)
  • JavaScript can access SVG element specific methods, like “getBBox”, again. (#6460)
  • Specific layouts no longer cause exceptions. (#6693, #6701, #6722, #6723)