The image shows how PDFreactor converts HTML to PDF via C#

HTML to PDF using C#

C# is one of the most used programming languages throughout all industries. Originally developed for the .NET framework and Microsoft, its use has spread even to Mac and Linux. You are looking for a high quality PDF converter that works seamlessly with C# and .NET? With PDFreactor, you have access to a powerful tool to convert HTML to PDF via C#. The days of complicated and time-consuming conversions from HTML to PDF in C# are over with PDFreactor.

Convince yourself of the advantages that PDFreactor holds for you with our free trial version and convert html to PDF using .NET or C# in no time!

Companies from the areas of finance, insurance, but also logistics, transport and packaging to pharmaceutical and web-to-print and digital publishing firms are among our customer base. Whether they use C# to generate HTML to PDF documents or other server-based programming languages – the possibilities are endless.

The Features to Convert HTML to PDF in C#

Using C# to generate a PDF from HTML is not always an easy task. PDFreactor is the easy, fast and modern converter engine for C# users to create PDF from HTML efficiently. Benefit from our PDF library and powerful API to transform html to pdf using .Net core. See for yourself what PDFreactor has in stock for you and C# to generate PDF from HTML!

Easy Integration

The integration is completely platform-independent, since PDFreactor is delivered as a Java PDF library. Whether you work in Linux, Mac or Windows to convert HTML to PDF using C#, the comprehensive Java API allows easy integration of the HTML to PDF converter for C#. You can count on complete compatibility, flexibility and support from our experts.

Powerful PDF Conversion

Not every task with C# to create PDF from HTML is the same: With every project you will encounter new challenges to achieve the results of PDF conversion that suits the needs of you and your business. With PDFreactor, you rely on a powerful rendering engine that supports you and your projects to not only export HTML to PDF using C# but have all possibilities to create complex PDF documents.

Excellent Results - Supreme Quality

Because Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to define page layout and style, manual formatting and the resulting error-proneness are a thing of the past. The results are excellent PDF documents which leave no desires unanswered: Custom headers and footers, footnotes, implementation of SVG files, JavaScript, Web fonts and smart pagination are only some of the features that ensure the conversion of high-quality PDF documents from .NET and C# projects.

C# Code Example to Convert HTML to PDF

You want to convert html to pdf in your C# code project and benefit from a powerful tool? To familiarize yourself with the integration and features of PDFreactor, our C# code to convert HTML to PDF is the perfect opportunity. Simply install the code line and select the document that best fits your application. Whether it’s a magazine, invoice or textbook – with our code sample you can see directly what our software can do for you to convert HTML string to PDF in C#.

ASPX files to PDF? There is a way with PDFreactor

Aspx files are a type of file extension of ASP.NET projects. The abbreviation stands for Active Server Pages. Often times, Microsoft webpages are handled as ASP.NET projects. That is the reason why converting aspx files to PDF is a task mostly occurring when working with Microsoft or when converting html to pdf in C# or .Net with free dll files.

But how does it work to convert HTML to PDF using .NET core? PDFreactor by itself is not in a strict sense an aspx file to pdf converter but nevertheless a powerful tool when converting html to pdf in ASP.NET. To convert ASP to PDF the ASP files are filled on the web server using C#/.NET program logic and then delivered to PDFreactor API as pure HTML. In that way, you can count on our rendering engine to transform asp files to PDF.

Explore the fully featured Free Trial to convert html to pdf in C#

Would you like to see for yourself what PDFreactor can do for you to generate HTML to PDF in C#? Then give it a go with the free trial version! With our trial key you get 30 days access to the full feature set for free. You can use the functions of the rendering engine for your projects without technical limits. Convert HTML to PDF in C#, create PDF documents without evaluation pages and see for yourself how to conquer your tasks when converting HTML to PDF with .NET core.

And if you then decide on the full version of the PDF converter, you won’t have to go through the installation process again: Simply update the license key and get started. Best of all, our support team is there to help and advise you even during the free trial version. Feel free to contact us with all your questions concerning the conversion of HTML to PDF in C# and .NET.