The current PDFreactor version is 10.2.10722 (2020-09-18)

For more information, see the Release History and Readme.

The integration manual and other documentation can be found in the PDFreactor Support Center

The PDFreactor Software License Agreement can be found here.

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    Request a trial to integrate HTML to PDF printing into your web applications.

  • Upgrade your License

    Customers with a valid Support and Maintenance subscription are entitled to upgrade to the latest major version free of charge.


The Windows download on this page includes a bundled JRE. Here you can find packages without JRE, Windows as archive package, as well as a WAR/JAR package.


Pull from Docker Hub with:
$ docker pull realobjects/pdfreactor

Java requirements

When using PDFreactor as library, Java 7 or newer is required. The PDFreactor web service can only be used with Java 8 or newer. If you experience problems with other Java VMs, please download a PDFreactor version that includes a JRE (if available for your platform). The included JRE is only used by PDFreactor and will not be registered for general use.

Migrating to PDFreactor 10

Important: PDFreactor Web Service users, please have a look at the migration guide before installing PDFreactor 10!

If you are upgrading to PDFreactor 10 from a previous version of PDFreactor, you will need to update your integration and might need to adapt your documents. For details about how to migrate from a previous version to PDFreactor 9, please see our migration guide.

PDFreactor quick start guide