The use of RealObjects PDFreactor® to create management reports, from a self-developed reporting application to Integrated Data Warehouse (in German: Integrieter Datenhaushalt – IDH) for the Sparkasse Financial Group

The reporting application ‘IDH-Reporting’ for integrated data warehousing (IDH) provides the savings banks and state banks in Germany with a comprehensive software solution in the form of an individual development for the creation of reports and analyses from its IDH databases. Self- development means that IDH-Reporting is designed precisely for the specific needs of the savings banks and state banks, providing a wide functional range and great flexibility and avoiding the overheads of standard market tools with the irrelevant functions they include.

In the age of digitalization and the paperless office there remains the regulatory obligation to permanently archive certain results in order to track decisions and to visualize and in some cases also print content for the management and for committees. This not only requires the creation of reports in PDF format but also the possibility of exporting and importing report contents to and from PowerPoint using the Finanz Informatik committee reporting plugin. The documents that are created must be of high quality and optically attractive in order to satisfy the exacting standards of the management and the committees.

A further challenge is the permanent archiving of IDH retrievals and annotated analysis results. Persisted PDF documentation is required here also in order to fulfil the regulatory requirements in relation to assurance and traceability. These are generally results in table form that can often be large.

Various possible solutions were investigated for the creation of PDF documents in order to satisfy the tasks in the above challenge. Taking into account the regulatory requirements in relation to archiving in PDF/A format RealObjects PDFreactor® proved to be the most suitable tool. PDFreactor® distinguished itself with 1:1 reproduction of the browser UI in the PDF, even with more complex HTML content. Server-side printing without dedicated UI software such as a headless browser means that PDFreactor® is excellent for use in server landscapes that are highly optimized with high level protective measures.

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About Finanz Informatik

Finanz Informatik, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is the central IT service provider of Sparkasse Finance Group. Its customers include 376 Sparkasse savings banks, six state banks, DekaBank, eight state Landesbausparkasse state building societies, public sector insurers and further companies within the Sparkasse Finance Group and the financial sector. Finanz Informatik offers a complete IT service – from application development through infrastructure and data center operations to consultancy, training and support.

About RealObjects

RealObjects (, founded in 2000, provides W3C standard-compliant, cross platform software tools for electronic publishing, content authoring and web-to-print.

Its W3C standards-based publishing solution PDFreactor is an industry-recognized flagship product, which is used for server-side conversion of HTML to PDF whenever electronic and typeset-quality print output of business content is required. It is the perfect printing component for web applications, incl. database publishing, web-to-print, PIM, DMS, MDM, DAM, WCMS, VDP etc.

RealObjects tools have been used by about 3000 corporate customers in over 40 countries, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations. Several major accounts have deeply integrated RealObjects technology into their toolsets and solutions. A network of strategic business alliances, resellers and OEM partners/customers has been established over the years.


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