PDFreactor 10 Beta

Version 10.0.10342-beta2

Release information

This is a beta/RC release of PDFreactor. This release can be used to preview new features, fixes and changes. Use at your own risk. Do not use in production.

Features and Changes

The new features and improvements include:

  • Implemented segmentation functionality to significantly reduce the memory consumption of conversions of large documents. (#7082)
  • Added alternative table implementation that drastically reduces the amount of time and memory required to convert large tables. (#7234)
  • Significantly reduced impact on performance for large style sheets and unused styles. (#7224)
  • Support for numerical font weights. (#6086, #6090)
  • Support for page groups, incl. the ability to select first named pages. (#7124, #7125)
  • Implemented CSS property “text-align-all” and adjusted “text-align” and “text-align-last” accordingly. (#7228)
  • Added support for optional validation of created PDF/A documents. (#6911)
  • Conversions can now be terminated from within the document’s JavaScript or user scripts. (#7121)
  • JavaScript wrapper now includes methods that return the document as a Blob. (#7238)
  • Improved logging. (#7249)

The bug fixes include:

  • Paragraph line-height is now properly used as minimum line-height for all its lines, when appropriate for the doctype.
  • Inline elements are now correctly painted last in their stacking context.
  • Synthetic bold functionality no longer needlessly affects fonts with inconsistent metadata. (#7321)
  • SVG text with dx or dy attributes is now positioned correctly. (#7319)
  • SVG background images are no longer scaled or positioned incorrectly in rare cases. (#7245)
  • “-ro-scale-content” no longer affects named strings in rare cases. (#7183)
  • Specific cases no longer cause exceptions. (#7196, #7282, #7230)
  • Complex “named page” cases no longer break layouts or cause exceptions. (#6993, #7152, #7237, #7322)
  • Images are no longer missing in complex cases. (#7244)
  • Page break avoiding styles now properly affect tables and table rows. (#6537, #7269)
  • Improved page break behavior, avoiding unused space due to box-decoration-break or large margin-bottom values. (#7104)
  • Tables and flex containers no longer cause unexpected page break behaviors. (#6740, #7188, #7283)
  • Specific scenarios no longer cause incorrect width computation and subsequent issues. (#6797, #6981, #7150, #7231)
  • Complex scenarios no longer cause incorrect positioning of absolute positioned elements. (#7201)
  • Line break behavior now properly interacts with inline-blocks. (#7261, #7318)
  • CSS parser and validation now properly reject semicolons between rules and non-zero numbers as lengths, respectively.