PDFreactor 10 Beta

Version 10.0.10425-beta3

Features and Changes

The changes include:

  • Named-string CSS syntax and behavior have been updated to current W3C specifications. (#7349)
  • Rectangles returned by proprietary “BoxDescription” JS objects now always consist of floats. (#7342)

The bug fixes include:

  • Setting the “innerHTML” DOM property via JS now properly parses the set HTML as a fragment. (#7060)
  • The layout is no longer incorrect for specific constructs. (#7323, #7329, #7363)
  • Interactive form fields and full compression are no longer unnecessarily forbidden in all conformance modes. (#7330, #7333)
  • Some specific documents no longer cause exceptions or break the resulting PDF documents. (#7334, #7337)
  • Improved error handling when using the “convertAsBinary” API method. (#7336)
  • CSS validation no longer removes some of the valid values of the “columns” property. (#7339)
  • SVG “use” elements can now address nested “svg” elements. (#7352)
  • XMLHttpRequests using POST or PUT now work correctly when the “connections” content observer is enabled, including debug mode. (#7358)
  • All Wrappers can now handle trailing slashes in web service URLs. (#7364)
  • Script elements with no “src” attribute as well as the proprietary CSS property “-ro-pdf-overprint-content” work correctly again after being broken in previous beta releases. (#7320, #7335)