PDFreactor 11.2 now available

The leading HTML to PDF conversion engine just got even better: PDFreactor 11.2 is now available.

PDFreactor 11.2 is a minor update with great new features and improvements:

The following features and changes were implemented:
  • Highcharts 9.0 is now supported.
  • The CSS property “outline-offset” is now supported. (#8310)
  • Improved support for the min-content and max-content property values in conjunction with grid layouts.
  • URLs with “about” scheme are now handled specifically.
  • The PDFreactor Webservice Jetty now contains a sample “proxy.ini”. (#8321)
The following issues were fixed:
  • PDFreactor Web Service can become slow when the document is written to disc. (#8323)
  • The aspect ratio of images that are flex items is not applied correctly in certain cases, sizing the images incorrectly or distorting them. (#8312)
  • Large images with a cyclic percentage “max-width” are too wide if they are part of a shrink-to-fit computation. (#8326)
  • Tables with “width: auto” are too wide if they have a horizontal margin. (#8327)
  • Table cell width computation is wrong in tables with “table-layout: auto” in certain cases. (#7246)
  • “box-sizing: border-box” is not evaluated for shrink-to-fit widths in several cases (including table cells).
  • Inline styles being updated for “style” attribute changes can be accidentally disrupted via DOM events.
  • The “className” DOM property of SVG elements does not return an SVGAnimatedString.
  • PDF segmentation can cause internal links to not point to the first page of the target element. (#8319)
  • PDFreactor Web Service callbacks use GET requests instead of POST. (#8324)
  • Specifying “debugSettings” “all” does not set the log level. (#8325)
  • The “disableSystemFonts” option is documented incorrectly. (#8316)

For a full list of changes and fixes see the changelog.

Important release notes und upgrading information can be found in the readme.

The PDFreactor 11 installation packages are available for download in the download area.