PDFreactor 11 Hotfix Release 11.2.2 now available

A hotfix release for PDFreactor 11 is now available.

The following features and changes were implemented:

  • Declaring a form element as a signature field now disables the form annotation. (#8364)
  • Single-byte encoding specified inside document with apparent multi-byte encoding is now ignored in favor of heuristic detection. (#8361)
  • Updated dependency ICU4J to version 69.1, which includes Unicode CLDR 39.
  • Various minor dependency updates, incl. Jetty.

The following issues were fixed:

  • When SVGs without any specified dimensions are flex items their size may be incorrect. (#8362)
  • Images are erroneously influenced by floats in different containers. (#8348)
  • Percentage sizes relative to flex items are not resolved correctly if the item is not stretch aligned. (#8356)
  • In some cases, a float right after a page break is not positioned correctly, overlapping text. (#8366)
  • Changing the inline style of an element via JavaScript can lead to incorrect named pages. (#8345)
  • In certain documents, an exception can occur when text flows around a floated box directly after a page break. (#8358)

For a full list of changes and corrections see the changelog.

Important release notes und upgrading information can be found in the readme.

The PDFreactor 11 installation packages are available for download in the download area.