PDFreactor 11 Hotfix Release 11.3.1 now available

A hotfix release for PDFreactor 11 is now available.

The following issues were fixed:

  • Tables with auto margins and percentage widths are not centered if they are nested within another table with percentage widths. (#8467)
  • Images floated to top or bottom as page floats have a height of zero. (#8453)
  • Having a region layout container on a page can make the footnote area on that page disappear. (#8458)
  • Floating an element to the top as a page float causes text on that page (or column) to no longer snap to its line grid. (See manual for details.) (#8454)
  • Page breaks are applied to the contents of absolutely positioned elements too early if bottom margins, borders or paddings are set on any of their ancestors. (#8449)
  • In rare cases, a page break in the content of a multi-column element causes an exception. (#8471)
  • A rare element structure causes an exception in certain cases. (#8479)
  • Style of empty trailing “tspan” SVG element following space is applied to previous character. (#7011, #8464)
  • RGB raster image in SVGs are color space converted for CMYK output PDFs, even when such conversion is not enabled. (#8438)
  • PDFreactor Web Service Monitoring API does not return IDs of queued conversions. (#8456)

For a full list of changes and corrections see the changelog.

Important release notes und upgrading information can be found in the readme.

The PDFreactor 11 installation packages are available for download in the download area.