PDFreactor 8 Maintenance Release 8.0.8162 Now available

Saarbrücken A maintenance release for PDFreactor 8 is now available. This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Added support for the additional image formats ICO, CUR, PAM, PBM, PGM, PPM and BMP as well as limited support for PSD, DCX, ICNS and RBBE.
  • Added support for the CSS pseudo classes “checked”, “enabled” and “disabled”.
  • SVG now supports the color constant “transparent”.

Some of the bug fixes in the new release include:

  • Table and column widths where computed inaccurately for certain combinations of styles.
  • Width computation was incorrect for absolutely positioned blocks with a width of 0px and for elements with a width of 100% inside elements with a width of auto.
  • Lines could wrap prematurely in some situations.
  • Certain combinations of generated content could break BiDi processing.
  • Empty elements in HTML could cause unexpected results after XSLT transformations.
  • The web service created a superfluous font cache folder inside the home directory on startup.

For more information about PDFreactor 8, please visit www.pdfreactor.com.

For a full list of changes and corrections see the changelog.

Important release notes und upgrading information can be found in the readme.

The PDFreactor 8 installation packages are available for download in the download area.