PDFreactor 9 Hotfix Release 9.1.9797.3 now available

A hotfix release for PDFreactor 9 is now available. This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Added support for OpenType fonts that have the “USE_TYPO_METRICS” flag (“fsSelection” bit 7) set. (#7088)
  • Fixed exceptions in complex layouts. (#6925, #7068, #7075, #7080, #7100, #7099, #7102)
  • Line breaks are now properly avoided around CSS leaders. (#7098)
  • Added proper JavaScript prototypes for “CanvasGradient” and “CanvasPattern”. (#7070)
  • Query strings no longer break file URLs. (#6817)
  • HTML <base> element can now handle relative URLs when there is an absolute document URL or other base URL. (#7086)
  • The “window.location” JavaScript object now correctly points to the resolved document URL. (#7105)
  • The “BookletMode” API property is applied again. (#7090)
  • The .NET wrapper now handles trailing slashes in web service URLs. (#7096)

For more information about PDFreactor 9, please visit www.pdfreactor.com.

For a full list of changes and corrections see the changelog.

Important release notes und upgrading information can be found in the readme.

The PDFreactor 9 installation packages are available for download in the download area.