RealObjects and Neota Logic Inc. announce OEM partnership

Expert systems platform gains unmatched HTML editing and print capabilities based on versatile XML authoring framework and powerful PDF formatting processor

Saarbrücken and New York City

RealObjects, an internationally recognized developer of standards-based, cross-platform software solutions for electronic publishing and content authoring, today announced an OEM partnership with Neota Logic Inc., a best-in-class solution provider for expert systems in law, compliance, human resources, medicine and other fields.

Neota Logic provides an integrated suite of tools – the Neota Logic System (NLS) – with which to develop and deliver expert systems that can be embedded in business systems or consulted interactively in a browser. Neota Logic has integrated RealObjects HTML authoring solution Martha Editor Framework (built on RealObjects Project MARTHA) as well as RealObjects PDFreactor into NLS in order to provide highly sophisticated and powerful HTML editing functionality combined with perfect what-you-see-is-what-you-print PDF output.

“We realized that off-the-shelf editor solutions could not provide the architecture and flexibility necessary to bring NLS authoring functionality to the next level. Custom tags, style sheet flexibility, excellent integration capabilities, thoroughly documented code and great support convinced us to adopt the Martha Editor Framework. It also offers unique features such as comprehensive CSS style template functionality, page-oriented editing and zoom. We also licensed RealObjects PDFreactor for accurate print and PDF output, and were able to integrate it very quickly” said Michael Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Neota Logic Inc.

The combination of the Martha Editor Framework and PDFreactor enables Neota Logic to offer XHTML authoring and printing functionality consistent with the latest W3C Web Standards for HTML5 and CSS3. “This is a big win for Neota Logic’s upmarket customers,” said Michael Jung, RealObjects Managing Director Sales & Business Development. “Winning Neota Logic an OEM partner for our superior Martha authoring and rendering technology will strengthen our position in the US market, with a Martha-based cloud authoring solution yet to come.”

About Neota Logic

Neota Logic (, enables experts to deliver knowledge in an operationally useful form – as expert systems that can be consulted interactively online or embedded directly in business systems.  They transform expertise into answers and action – in law, compliance, risk management, accounting, human resources, environmental regulation, medicine and other fields.

A private company based in NYC, Neota Logic creates interactive software applications for law firms, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Their applications provide automated, scalable expert advice to reduce risk, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

About RealObjects

RealObjects, founded in 2000, provides standards-based, cross-platform software solutions for both electronic publishing as well as content authoring.

RealObjects products are used by over 2500 corporate customers in over 40 countries, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations.

Several OEM partners and major accounts have deeply integrated RealObjects technology into their toolsets and solutions.

Michael Jung
RealObjects, Managing Director
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