Get printable HTML Reports with Reporting Software enhanced by PDFreactor

PDFreactor provides you with a wide array of possibilities to create data-driven reports with high-end reporting software features. Say goodbye to boring HTML reports and include PDFreactor into your report creating process.

Create amazing data-driven documents with the reporting software features of PDFreactor

Visualize your data

Use high quality graphics

Dynamic documents w/ JS

In many industries, the report generation is a continuous task. Especially large companies with a high number of stakeholders have the aim of distributing their HTML reports in a way that is visually pleasing, easy to comprehend and also manageable in the creation. Many reporting systems lack in one or more of these regards. Especially when creating PDF from HTML reports, the result can be less than satisfying. PDFreactor is the solution for creating reporting for a variety of businesses. With data reporting tools powered by PDFreactor, you can create reports perfectly suitable for the requirements of your business.

Smart pagination

  • Automatically paginated reports with multiple pages
  • Page breaks do not interfere with images or lines of text
  • Full control over page breaks by using CSS

Headers and footers

  • Implement overall headers or footers
  • Use flexible headers and footers for certain sections of your report
  • Utilize headers and footers for tables containing certain data

Visualization of complex data

  • Display your data as charts, graphs and tables
  • Illustrate with line charts, area charts, bar charts, pie charts and a variety of combinations
  • Support of Highcharts library and other JavaScript Libraries such as “flotr2” and “Awesomizr”

Encryption and restrictions of sensible data

  • Encrypt your reports or make them accessible for specific user groups
  • Owner and user passwords ensure safety to your specifications

PHP, C# or Java: Convert HTML reports to high-quality PDF

When converting HTML reports to PDF, the PDF output is not always displayed in a proper way. Fonts and page breaks for instance are often incorrectly depicted in PDF reports that have been created from HTML. Adjusting these details can cost you a lot of time and effort. Using the reporting software powered by PDFreactor, you benefit from full support of many programming languages. Whether you prefer Python, PHP or C# – the report engine meets your needs!

Java: Reports created by Java applications

PDFreactor can be used in your Java applications and provides you with excellent printing results for your reports. When creating reports with Java applications, you can rely on PDFreactor’s JAVA API.

Integrated into a PHP reporting tool

Also suitable for PHP developers, the PHP-API allows PDFreactor to create reports from a database platform based PHP reporting tool.

C# reporting tool

Working on reporting projects in C#, PDFreactor provides you with lots of possibilities. The .NET API ensures to serve you with the best results you can expect in a report engine when carrying out reports created by C# applications.

Python reporting tool

You use Python codes for generating reports? No problem with the reporting software enabled by PDFreactor. The Python API serves you perfectly to create reports e.g. using SQL server.

Did you know?

PDFreactor can be part of a web-based reporting tool as well as being integrated into a desktop application. Whether you are able to use cloud business intelligence tools or local platforms – PDFreactor gives you the full flexibility to choose based on your business, software environment and requirements.

A data reporting tool for many appliances

Using the reporting software enhanced by PDFreactor, you can generate PDF reports from various data sources. Integrate it into MySQL Reporting Tools, XML Reporting Tools or into a Syslog Reporting Tool and collect your data to create high-quality reports for a variety of application fields. Even heavily data-driven reports can be achieved in an easy way. Whether you want to create a dashboard with main KPIs for the management board or an in-depth reporting of complex databases – the reporting software enabled by PDFreactor ensures you achieve amazing results.

PDFreactor generates printable and shareable PDF reports:

  • Reviews & Annual Reports
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Statistical Data
  • Scientific Data
  • Financial Data
  • Surveys and Interactive Data